Sunday, July 12, 2009

General Assembly highlights

I hadn't intended to post about GA itself since there is so much information out there already -- until a conversation this morning with another member of my congregation who was unable to attend this year made me realize not everyone knows where to look.

Click on the primary link for all the "official" GA information, including live blogs. If you have limited time, rather than set this all aside for later (which if you are like me you may never get to), here is the "quick start" version -- my "top 3" GA events in streaming video (make sure you have a high speed connection to avoid frustration). Note that these will take you to descriptions - the video link is at the top.

This year's Ware Lecture was by Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Associate Professor of Politics and African-American Studies at Princeton and a life-long UU. A frequent media commentator, it is easy to see why her star is rising along with President Obama's, who she profiled long before most of us knew who he was.

This year's John Murray Distinguished Lecturer was Rev. Nate Walker, minister at the UU Church of Philidelphia, a stand in for Rev. Gail Geisenhainer. Listen to his extraordinary story about hate, free speech, and love.

My third top choice is between Sunday's public worship service by Rev. Abhe Janamanchi and The Service of the Living Tradition by Rev. Mary Harrington, though you will need to wade through ritual of recognizing the milestones of many of our ministers in the latter if you just watch the video (though nice when you hear familiar names). You pick -- and list your own!

Next post: back to the Board meeting and congregation presidents