Thursday, March 7, 2013

Listening to our Sources

Fifth in a series of posts about the January UUA Board meeting

The new draft of the UUA "ends" took into account a lot of feedback from various groups we are accountable to (think "Gathered Here" and  the World Cafe with Youth as two of them) - and we want more.

The District Presidents Association (DPA), our partners in linking with member  congregations, is currently in the process of contacting nearly 100 congregations across the US to get their feedback on these new outcomes.  We have surveys going out to Young Adults and unaffiliated UUs (those who identify as UU but are not currently a member of a congregation), focus groups with Youth and Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) members; interviews with members of various affinity groups, historians, and theologians, as well as an opportunity for anyone who wants to, to weigh in (see below).  Much of the work on the "non-congregational Sources" has been with Unity Consulting, who are creating a set of methodologies for a smaller post-June board to be able to continue this kind of dialogue.

Will the UUA Board actually use this feedback?  Yes.  A group of 5 UUA trustees and 3 DPA presidents will spend several weeks in early April making "meaning" of the feedback, i.e.:  looking for common themes. This will be provided to the Board at the April meeting, and the same group will spend most of May identifying recommendations for potential changes to these draft ends. 

Let your voice be heard!  You can click here to provide your own feedback on why the UUA exists.