Monday, October 8, 2007

October Board Packet

I am part way through the 3 inch stack of materials sent a few days ago under the guise of "October Board packet". Though that much material is somewhat daunting (in addition to current letters or other materials sent to the board via email) it also provides a very interesting look at how we spend our resources of time and mind share. In addition to the requisite agendas and minutes of the Board as well as each of the various committees and working groups, there is background information on a number of issues that appear deeply rooted in our UU history - funding for theological education, policy governance, work with youth, and work in anti-racism/anti-oppression. The reports from the various staff departments give insight into what these groups do (I suspect most of our congregations have no idea).

I also found the financial numbers interesting: the UUA is a $26M + organization, of which half is income for very specific purposes, such as theological education, the national marketing campaign, and various international work. Like many organizations, it is hard to understand what is really being funded unless you have a reference that explains all the UU specific terms.

You too can share in this wealth of knowledge - the packet is posted on the UUA site.

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