Thursday, July 3, 2008

"It was a good GA."

Though significantly smaller in numbers (just over 3000) than last year, nearly everyone I have talked with (including the entire UUA Board) said this was a good General Assembly. Though a financial “hit”, a smaller GA translated into less hassle, shorter lines, and more time to connect with other people, without sacrificing content. The music (mostly contemporary, featuring 4 different choirs and terrific accompaniment) was superb, helped by the GA Planning Committee’s decision to pay for the UU Musician’s Network members GA registration, allowing many of them to stay after their own meeting in Fort Lauderdale. There were many great moments, featuring people like Van Jones from our own Bay Area backyard, who bowled all of us over with his message of “green”, working with urban poor, and hope, or Good Asian Drivers, a Lesbian singer/songwriter and Transgendered slam poet duo with incredible power in lyrics and delivery who were part of the Bridging Ceremony on Friday night. There were few dry eyes as the Rev. Dr. Forrest Church received the Distinguished Service Award, or as the Rev. Marlin Lavanhar spoke of losing his daughter a few years ago – or several thousand UU voices sang “Blue Boat Home” [worth checking this just to see what is probably an unauthorized cell phone recording on YouTube in Japanese].

Look for these – and more – in postings over the next several weeks. And if you were there - what is YOUR opinion of this year's GA?

Photo taken in Fort Lauderdale courtesy of Tom Loughrey, UUA Trustee from the Pacific Southwest District, used by permission.

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Anonymous said...

This was a very good GA. Though there were fewer attendees, the programs had such powerful messages that it made up for the smaller turnout. There was still a great deal of energy and spirit from those who attended.

As a side note, the heat and humidity was more of an issue then the security checkpoints. It was way too hot!