Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 2009 Board Meeting

First in a series of posts about the October 2009 UUA Board meeting

After several years of preparation, October was to be the “real” beginning of a new way of working with the President : a different way of holding him accountable, and a different way of the Board doing its own work.

It was. Aided by our Policy Governance(R) consultant Sue Stratton-Radwan, whose observations of our occasional floundering came at just the right time, it was an interesting preview of how we will operate into the future. Over the next few weeks I will be posting about how this change "feels”, along with posts about youth leadership, the role of the UUA trustees on their district boards, the move of the UUA Board out of Boston for their next meeting, and the AR/AO/MC “lens” of one of our partners that is making a real difference in lives around the world.

Next post: How do you eat an elephant?


Robin Edgar said...

"October was to be the “real” beginning of a new way of working with the President : a different way of holding him accountable,"

So who holds the UUA Board of Trustees accountable?

Linda Laskowski said...

The UUA Board is accountable to what the Carver model calls our "moral owners" and which we call our "Sources of Authority and Accountability". I have written extensively about this before -- see post from February 9, 2009.

Bill Baar said...

Linda, that accountable comment struck me too. I've just never thought it's the boards Job to hold the UUA Pres "Accountable". Seems to me the Pres is accountable to the GA as is the board.

Robin Edgar said...

OK I went and had a look Linda. It seems to me that the only *people* who can hold UUA Trustees accountable are the members of U*U congregations. So I guess that this brings us right back to UUA GA as per Bill Baar's follow-up comment. The rest is just flowery U*U BS if you don't mind me being a bit blunt and rude, albeit not nearly as blunt and rude as some of the U*U clergy I have the misfortune to know. . . I suppose that *some* people *could* interpret "The Spirit of life, love, and the holy" as meaning Almighty God, and ultimately the UUA Board of Trustees is accountable to God whether its members believe in God or not.

Robin Edgar said...

Getting back to your statement about holding the President of the UUA accountable, perhaps you could fill me and others in on just how one goes about holding UUA Presidents accountable for their questionable words and actions.

I of course have my own methods that you are no doubt aware of but how does one go about holding a UUA President accountable via "official channels" and current/new UUA rules and procedures?

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