Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 2010 Overview

First in a series of posts about the April 2010 UUA Board Meeting

The UUA Board is not necessarily one that relishes conflict, but this time it seemed inevitable: there were two topics on the agenda that had the potential for generating a fair amount of it. Three members of the Commission on Appraisal attended in person, with more by phone, to appeal their cut in funding. And three meetings into our monitoring schedule, we appeared to be at an impasse with the President in how we monitored our ends. Add to the mix an observer who is relatively well-known to most UU bloggers for his single-minded desire for justice. These topics, along with information on the UUA Retirement Plan changes, UUA finances, what the board is hearing in its direct conversations with congregations, my own AR/AO/MC journey and other topics will be posted over the next few weeks.

Next post: Commission on Appraisal funding


Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,

First, thank you for your posts. I wish the other trustees would also post what is happening at the UUA Board meetings.

Just FYI. I found Rev Morales report to be the most illuminating report out of the UUA since Larry Ladd left.

I look forward to reading more about the meeting. Right now, I have to say that I find the Board's seeming focus on the format of ENDS monitoring when our membership has declined for two straight years and our RE enrollment has delined for several years troubling.

I also hope to read that someone on the UUA Board took the CoA to task for making a public plea for relief before they had talked to the Board.

Thank you again for your reporting. I look forward to reading these.

Kurt Jensen

AJU said...

This is singularly uninformative. Why not put in this post what the board's decision was on COA funding, rather than hold us all in suspense?

I have no idea who the "observer who is relatively well-known to most UU bloggers for his single-minded desire for justice" is. Was this supposed to be just a teaser?