Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our covenant

Sixth in a series of posts about the October UUA Board meeting

My board orientation in 2007 included getting a copy of the Board covenant in our binder. Somewhat put off by what appeared to be a cavalier attitude toward covenants, we six newly elected trustees complained.

In typical fashion, Moderator Gini Courter gave us the opportunity to readdress the covenant in the next board meeting, which we did. This included a survey that showed differences in how we perceived our adherence to the covenant, depending on whether or not you were a Person of Color, young, or new. Not much has been done by the Board with the covenant since, in spite of adding several new trustees.

Until this board meeting. In addition to creating a covenant, from scratch, we agreed to start each board meeting by reading it together. I am copying it below in its exact form, though we did agree we needed to clarify our intent about the bridges:

We promise to:
....listen deeply, speak boldly and keep an open mind, balancing views of self and others authentically humble, prepared and present and focus on governance as the board's essential role, while taking the long view, and maintaining accountability for anti-racism/anti-oppression/multi-culturalism
....have respect and affection for each other, assuming the best of intentions and honest needs
and building new bridges and bridges that are broken
....remember our sources and whose we are, giving space for faith

....learn and grow, practice self-care, laugh and sing!


Jumpp said...

Does the process observer note adherence to this covenant? What was the process for creating a new one?

This seems right.

Clyde Grubbs said...

The process was conversation, deep listening, prioritizing, editing, reveiw and appoval.

Steve Burns--Davis, CA said...

How about this edit to the bridges clause: "building new bridges and *repairing* bridges that are broken"?

Thanks for posting your blog. It is a nice insight into the UUA Board process.