Saturday, May 11, 2013

Coming to Louisville?

Fourth in a series of posts about the April UUA Board meeting

Saturday afternoon of the Board meeting found several of us standing awkwardly in front of a camera, extolling the virtues of GA 2013 in Louisville.  I appear with Elizabeth Greene, trustee from the Pacific Northwest, and Tom Loughrey, Pacific Southwest in a somewhat lighthearted two minutes that only took two takes.  Those of you who know me will get the joke.  Some of the others include the Youth and Young Adults on the board, the two moderator candidates, and Gini being... Gini.

Why should you come?  Louisville was chosen because of the central location in terms of population -- it is accessible by car for a significant share of Unitarian Universalists, albeit a bit far from California (2300 miles and 34 hours according to Mapquest).  The focus on covenant is more than a theme for the assembly -- we will be having important discussions about who we are as a faith, and whether or not the only way to be counted as a Unitarian Universalist is to join a congregation.  We will also be electing a new moderator -- someone who clearly impacts the tone of many General Assemblies to come. 

The next best thing to being there is to be an offsite delegate -- you can represent your congregation from anywhere in the world, with a telephone line and a high speed internet connection.  Offsite registration is open until June 7. 

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