Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goodnight, and Good Luck

Last in a series of posts about the Unitarian Universalist Association Board Meetings

"Goodnight, and good luck" was Edward Murrow's signature sign-off throughout his 1950s television program, and the title of a 2005 movie about Murrow's run-in with Joseph McCarthy.  According to Wikipedia, "It focuses on the theme of media responsibility, and also addresses what occurs when the media offer a voice of dissent from government policy".

That is a little of what my blog tried to do.  Rather than just report out what happened, I tried to give some insight into the thinking, process, and background of the board's actions, whether or not I agreed with our outcomes.  Most of the time I did agree, and when I did not, I was mindful of the "one voice" policy:  I wasn't muzzled, but I did have a responsibility to share the logic behind the decision.  Some posts got a handful of views -- others quite a bit more.  Here were some of the most popular:

The decision on Independent Affiliates was made before I joined the board, but I probably got more feedback on that than any other topic.  This post, with guest Gini Courter, gives the lo-o-o-ng background behind the decision. 

Few people seem to recall any information on the Bay Area marketing campaign in 2007 -- you would have found it here. 

I have no idea why this one about my "elevator speech" went "viral" or this one about the April 2009 board packet.  More understandable is the one about wearing yellow shirts.

Governance was a hot topic -- including the post that asked "Do the UUA's ends violate congregational polity?", reducing the size of the board, writing ends, or this one about hiring and firing the President.   I am convinced that this one about the role of the congregational president got a thousand hits because it included the word "alligator".  And how about revoking the Fifth Principle?

Some posts reported out on work I led or partnered in, such as the Healthy Relationships conversations with congregations, Hearing Voices, or Gathered Here, led by Amanda Trosten-Bloom.

My favorite?  Singing hymns, about the 2011 virtual delegate trial, probably because I was instrumental in making it happen.

Signing off after six years...  goodnight, and good luck.   


Glenn said...

Thank you for all your years of service to our faith.

Glenn said...

Thank you for all your years of service to our faith...

Anonymous said...

You have set the bar so high for lay leadership, Linda. I can't even begin to list the importance of your voice over these past years. I have so admired your capacity to remain centered in the midst of tensions and disagreements, one right after the next. Thank you is inadequate for what you have done for the association and for our faith. I hope we show our appreciation by following your example and continuing the work so that your dedication will not have been in vain. Mahalo and aloha. Karen Eng

Anne Greenwood said...

Dear Linda,
Karen Eng expressed so beautifully who you are and what you have done. We are so blessed to have your talents and time back in Berkeley Church...leading by example! With love and appreciation, to say nothing of THANKS!